cuatro fotos de Alhazar bailando danza del vientre, con vestidos de danza del vientre

Belly Dance

tres fotos de clases de danza del vientre para todos los niveles, con la bailarina Alhazar llevando vestidos de danza del vientre rojos

Learn belly dance with our classes for all levels.

In Belly Dance classes you will learn the technique of each movement in a very simple and easy to understand way. You will also learn to dance beautiful choreographies. You will be able to practice with me while I guide you. You will see how easy it is to learn belly dance at Dancer's Ways online dance school!

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la bailarina Alhazar vestida de danza del vientre. Fotografía en blanco y negro

My vision of Belly Dance

I want to welcome you to this wonderful art that is Belly Dance.

… “The belly dance, Egyptian dance, called Eastern dance or raqs sharqi, comes from different ancient traditional dances of the Middle East and North Africa, evolving from raqs baladi, the dance of the people.” …

I will not bore you by explaining the history of this dance. If you feel like reading, you can find it on Wikipedia.

I’ll tell you my own story of how belly dancing changed my body, my life and my soul, and how it can help you.

I was a child, a teenager, and I found an ad in a newspaper of a belly dance center. It struck me so much that I went to the center that very day.

Before I knocked on the door, it suddenly opened. It looked like a class had just ended and the room was full of women laughing and talking.

The energy they gave off was so great that I even got scared and embarrassed.

I ran out of there, as I was suddenly overcome by an irrational fear of going in. I felt that this was going to be a very big experience for me. My intuition led me down such a beautiful path that it scared me.

My doubts overcame me, my complexes of good adolescence, my fat legs, my belly… I thought that I would not be good at moving like that, that for it I would need to have a flat belly.

I was so wrong.

It was a friend, my current partner and father of my daughter, who told me, “What have you got to lose by trying it? If you’re not good at it, you give it up. If you don’t try it, you’ll never know”.

I got my courage up and came back the next day and went into a class.

Beatriz, the teacher, spoke to us about Egypt and how ancient that dance was. It seemed to me that all the women of the past were dancing through me. It was ancestral magic: it seemed that I had danced that dance all my life, my body felt happy to find those wavy and fluid movements, as if it had been waiting for them.

And from that day on, I couldn’t stop learning more and more. I went to Egypt, and there my love story with belly dancing began.

I saw that my body was happy to move like this, that the moves shaped my body. My body was transformed, and my soul with it.

I understood that the shape of my belly, the shape of my legs, of my whole body… wasn’t perfect, but was authentic, unique, beautiful. Sensuality came from the inside out, I could not stop it, and I felt beautiful just as I was: short and with a little bit of fat showing. I was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Even now, after motherhood, when my body has changed again, I feel beautiful, listening to my heart and dancing my soul.

Now that you know my relationship with this dance, I want you to know that in the school I have prepared the classes so that you too can feel the same as I did back in the day. You too can feel beautiful, feminine, sensual… and in harmony with your body, mind and emotions.

After all my work, research and practice with my students, I have created my own approach to tell it to you.

You will learn the basic steps of belly dance. I will explain in detail the technique in a very simple way so you can understand it easily.

You will also find choreographies for all levels.

If you have never danced before, you have simple choreographies for beginners.

If you have already done some belly dancing, you will find choreographies a little more elaborate, intermediate level.

And if you have done a lot of belly dancing and have an advanced level, you will also find more complex choreographies.

In any case, whatever your level, you will always be able to see all the other choreographies, which always have a special and unique charm. Even if they are not your level, you will be able to give them your personal approach, with your personality and interpretation.

The important thing is that you dance them enjoying your body to the fullest.

But you will not only learn to belly dance; you will learn to move with its round, circular, undulating forms… and this will release your femininity and your sensuality. It will free your hips, your pelvis, your belly, your chest… your whole body, and will give you a feminine empowerment that you would never have imagined.

You will feel how the benefits of belly dancing will penetrate your body, your mind and your emotions. You will improve the health of your back, menstrual and digestive problems, etc. You will strengthen your pelvic floor, so important to prevent or cure urinary incontinence, to recover from childbirth or to improve your sexual relations, among other benefits. And perhaps the most precious for me: you will improve your emotional and mental state.

And how are we going to get all these benefits? Just by belly dancing you will already reap some of these benefits, but unlike what is usually taught about dance in other places, I’m going to make you go further, so that you get the maximum well-being in your life and your dance is as authentic as possible. To achieve this, I recommend that in addition to belly dance, tribal fusion, sexy style, contemporary… you also take the Emotional Vision classes, and the therapeutic belly dance classes, where we will go much deeper and work with more tools. We will not only dance and learn steps and choreographies.

For me, technique alone does not make any sense. Of course it is important, and we are going to work on it too, but we are not going to stop there: we are going to work and strengthen the emotional and personal aspects. For me, dance and life go together, and that’s why I always say:

“Dance your soul and be happy.”

I am waiting for you, to guide you on this path to your WOMAN, with capital letters.

See you in class!

With love, always

BENEFITS of belly dance

At the same time as we learn steps and dance, we work on physical, emotional and mental problems to improve our well-being:

Also, if you wish, you can dance with your baby. It can be a great time to enjoy with your baby while you get in shape, enjoy yourself and feel beautiful – it’s a great way to relax your baby and yourself!

Belly dance…

…connects you with your femininity.
…makes you feel like a woman.
…connects you with your sensuality.
…improves your sexual life, promoting a healthy sexuality.
…connects you to your uterus.
…helps you prepare for childbirth and post-partum recovery by strengthening your pelvic floor.
…helps you improve your fertility.
…helps you to improve your relationship with your partner.

Belly dance classes

At Dancer’s Ways online dance school you will find belly dance classes for all levels.
These are the courses where you can learn belly dance. Each course consists of several classes.

Select the course you want to take a look inside:
-course content, sample classes, etc.-

More Belly Dance courses coming soon

(Belly Dance: Intermediate 1 /// Belly Dance: Advanced 1)

cara de la bailarina Alhazar antes de empezar las clases de baile para mejorar tu calidad de vida a través de la danza y el trabajo con tus emociones

Start all these courses now

If you like these belly dance courses, you will be able to do them at your own pace.
You will also have access to all the other courses of the school (different types of dance along with personal growth techniques).
tres fotos de clases de danza del vientre de nivel iniciación, con la bailarina Alhazar llevando vestidos rojos

Belly Dance: Beginner 1

Technique: Foundations.
Technique choreography: “HÜP”.

In this belly dance beginner course, I assume that you have never practiced belly dance before, or that you want to improve and deepen your technical base.

The first part of this course begins with “basic steps” and continues with the explanation of a choreography.

The course includes

Course classes

  1. Basic Steps: Simple hips
  2. Basic Steps: Double hip
  3. Basic Steps: Pelvis
  4. Basic Steps: Omy
  5. Basic Steps: Horizontal eight backwards
  6. Basic Steps: Horizontal eight forward
  7. Basic Steps: Maya
  8. Basic Steps: Taksim
  9. Basic Steps: Breast circle
  10. Basic Steps: Breast circle using shoulders
  11. Basic Steps: Bicycle (Watch for free)
  12. Basic Steps: Step-Pointe with hips forward. And hips down walking backwards
  13. Basic Steps: Shoulders Shimmy
  14. Basic Steps: Crossed step
  15. Basic Steps: Pendulum
  16. Technique and choreography. Part 1
  17. Technique and choreography. Part 2
  18. Technique and choreography. Part 3

Full class example

Basic Steps: Bicycle

Click [CC] and select English

Start this course now

If you like this belly dance course, you will be able to do it at your own pace. You will also have access to all the other courses of the school (different types of dance along with personal growth techniques).

More Belly Dance courses coming soon:

tres fotos de clases de danza del vientre de nivel intermedio, con la bailarina Alhazar llevando vestidos rojos y hablando en el aula donde imparte las clases
Belly Dance: Intermediate 1
tres fotos de clases de danza del vientre de nivel avanzado, con la bailarina Alhazar llevando vestidos rojos
Belly Dance: Advanced 1

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Do you want a gift?

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