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I like to tell stories, my own and those of my students. Stories with which you may feel connected and feel that the same thing has happened to you and you have felt that way too. They may help you to improve aspects of your life.  

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bailarina Alhazar con un vestido de flores de danza del vientre dando la bienvenida a sus clases de baile y crecimiento personal de la escuela de danza online Dancers Ways

And who am I?

I’m Alhazar, teacher and director of the online dance school Dancer’s Ways.

I help women connect with their bodies, get closer to their emotions and empower their femininity so that they can achieve the fullest and happiest life possible.

I do this through dance, even if they have never danced before and regardless of age or body.

círculo de mujeres en el retiro de danza de Dancers Ways con la bailarina Alhazar
That's me with some students! 😛
cara de la bailarina Alhazar, profesora y directora de la escuela de danza online Dancers Ways, donde imparte clases de baile de diferentes tipos de baile junto con técnicas de crecimiento personal

1. Benefits you will find in the eBook:

In the eBook I have prepared, I tell you 35 benefits of dance, both physical and emotional, taken from my teachings that have helped hundreds of my students to obtain the life they want. Some of them will surprise you!


Did you know that dance is very beneficial for your body? It is one of the most comprehensive activities that provides you with the necessary exercise for your well-being and can be practiced at any age.

Dance brings you health.


No one can express your soul better than you. And what is dance, if not uniting your body with your soul?

In the end, after many years as a dancer and dance teacher, I have seen that what we really seek in dance is to know how to express what our soul needs. In all my students I have been able to see a huge change at a physical level first, but all as a result of the major change, the emotional one. To be able to touch, feel, and above all to communicate with their own soul is what brings about this great change within them, which is then reflected in their physicality.


I always tell my students that our mind must become our best tool to perform our dance and our life as our soul desires. To do this, we must first “tame” it, for I have seen many times that our mind can become our worst enemy.


Most of my students are women. Women in search of their femininity, their beauty and their sensuality. When they arrive, many tell me that they lack something or that they don’t like themselves. And after a while, they tell me that the best gift dance has given them is to feel like a woman again.

  • The first two benefits are for the body and are very simple to achieve and at the same time very important to feel good on a daily basis.
  • Enjoying the 5th benefit, also for the body, is so logical and sensible… And you can get it while having fun!
  • For the last benefit for the body, the 11th on the list, I tell you how dance moves my stagnant energy and makes me feel like taking on the world. Does it happen to you too?
  • Among all the benefits that dance brings to your soul, the 13th is the one I consider most important. And the fact is that many of my students, each with her own body and age, tell me that dance has given them back their smile, and that every time they look in the mirror they can look at themselves and see themselves beautiful as they are, without negative judgments, self-criticism or shame.
  • Another benefit of dance is that it solves a common problem that is very easy to avoid. I tell you all about it in point 14. I constantly see how in my classes my students forget the worries of the day and leave the class much more relaxed and with a smile on their face.
  • Thanks to 17, you will no longer be worried about the negative opinion of your body. We all have a different body and a different age… dance is for all these bodies, chubbier, thinner, taller, shorter, more wrinkled, less wrinkled, with marks of life itself…
  • The benefits from 27 to 35 are the result of years of learning with hundreds of women… women who transformed themselves, and became real WOMEN, inside and out. You will see them all within the benefits of dance for women and their femininity.
  • I fail to understand why many women do not take into account point 30. Our sensuality is very important, the dance leads us to meet with that energy sometimes asleep. Awakening it will be a pleasant journey.
  • If you are pregnant or have recently become a mother, with point 33 you will see how to solve common problems of these stages. Because dance helps you in preparing for childbirth and postpartum recovery.
cara de la bailarina Alhazar, con maquillaje

2. What will I talk about in my emails?

Here are some of the things I will explain to you in the first few emails:

  1. How I help my students to overcome their blocks by finding the balance between technique and emotional management.

  2. The story of some students who did not know what they wanted in their life, and how they managed to find their soul’s desires. I have seen in all my students a huge change at the physical level first, but everything as a result of the great change, the emotional one.

  3. Rejection of femininity: Are you one of those women who dislikes the color pink, dresses and skirts? Femininity doesn’t have color.

  4. The first classes’ fears. Women talking about how they feel. I hear them every year in the first classes of any course I teach. I know the changes that happen in women when they work with their body, mind and emotions and I know you can do it too.

  5. How belly dancing changed my body, my life and my soul, and how it can help you.

  6. One of the worst days of my life… when fecal water flooded my school… or how to turn life’s difficulties into something positive.

  7. How some of my students have the same thing happen to them as my 3 year old daughter. A story, about embarrassment, fear of dancing in front of someone, and how to regain your confidence.

  8. How everything we want the most is behind the fear.

  9. How to take the positive side of everyday problems. Because not everyone likes an inside out sock,… a story about perfectionism and women’s “madness” xD 😀

  10. What was the worst performance of my life…. You will learn how not to get blocked by other people’s opinions.

  11. How “tribal fusion” dance style gave me a greater openness, freedom and expression in the pursuit of my own dance. And how it can help you.

  12. My own personal and intimate story about my childbirth and recovery, so you are aware of the importance of strengthening your pelvic floor.

  13. What I said to a student who told me “I think I’m no good. I look in the mirror and I don’t like myself”. I have helped many women to love themselves as they are, to take care of themselves, to empower themselves, and to achieve what their heart dictates, beyond their fear. I can help you too.

  14. The story of a student who one day I made cry. And how everything changed and the truth came out.

  15. The mistake I made at my first casting for which the jury didn’t even look at me. And how to avoid it happening to you.

  16. How everything changes when you become a mother. Or not 😉 A reflection on how beautiful a woman’s body is, however it is, and how important it is to feel beautiful.

  17. A touching story about one’s own vision of beauty and how important it can be to feel good about yourself.

  18. How to improve your stage presence, your confidence in your dancing… to show yourself to others without worrying about their opinions or liking you, so that you feel at ease and enjoy your unique, authentic and beautiful dance.

  19. The story of a student who was in love with someone who didn’t value her for who she was. And I will give you tools so you can begin to love your body, and listen to your heart, so you can be yourself, beautiful and unique. And so that you can understand with your heart that all women’s bodies are valuable, beautiful, precious and sacred…. However they are.

  20. How dance can make you feel pleasure, and can help you get to know your body and enjoy it.

  21. The story of a student who exploded because she only did things for others. By dancing you give your mind and body a space to relax and let go of the worries and tensions of everyday responsibilities.

  22. I will make you reflect on the beliefs you may have about being sexy.

  23. A little sad, but beautiful story, so you understand the importance of healing wounds.

  24. How to look at yourself in the mirror without judgment and smile at the image you see.

  25. The block that a student of mine had. How, being stuck in a tragic moment of her life, she could not move forward towards a healthy and happy life with her partner.

  26. The most important decision of my life. I will give you tools that will help you make the right decisions.

  27. And much more!

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