cuatro fotos de Alhazar en clases de danza del vientre terapéutica, en el bosque, con vestidos blancos

Therapeutic Belly Dance

tres fotos de clases de danza del vientre terapéutica para todos los niveles, con la bailarina Alhazar llevando vestidos blancos y círculo de mujeres con algunas alumnas

In the Therapeutic Belly Dance classes you will work on your femininity and self-esteem, improve your sexual life and your relationship with your partner, learn to love your body, to organize your emotions, to reinforce your creativity and fertility, to be at peace with your feminine lineage... Allow yourself to heal your pain, sexual, menstrual, intestinal, pelvic floor, stress problems... and learn to have a healthy femininity, sensuality and sexuality!

Therapeutic Belly Dancing is a therapeutic method for women created by me; it is the result of years of getting to know so many women in depth.

FREE Classes: Below you can see some of the full classes

Find that woman – the wise one – inside you through Therapeutic Belly Dance with our classes for all levels.

You will be able to practice with me while I guide you. You will see how easy it is to learn Therapeutic Belly Dance at Dancer’s Ways online dance school!

la balarina Alhazar con las manos en el vientre y en el pecho con un vestido blanco

About Therapeutic Belly Dance

I have seen how an insecure, sad, aimless, angry, closed woman… has transformed into an incredible, loving woman, capable of making her goals come true and creating her own life. Not one, hundreds! Hundreds of beautiful women capable of empowering themselves and changing their life to the life they desire, with more love, with more peace, with more communication, with more calm, with more life.

I have seen struggling women, tired of fighting and losing, change their way of fighting, transforming anger to love, and they have achieved much more than in their whole life of endless struggles. I have seen how finding peace in the heart has been the best way to win the war.

I have seen how their bodies tell stories. I have touched their shoulders, full of emotional burdens, I have touched their hips, blocked from repression and guilt, I have touched their bellies, tense from so much hiding, I have touched their hearts, tired from so much pent-up pain, from so much judging, from so much submitting. And I have seen them free themselves from their stories and move again.

Do you also want to experience this transformation?

For this I am going to tell you a little about Therapeutic Belly Dance, a method I have created. It’s the result of so many years teaching belly dance to so many women, seeing their needs in detail, studying their bodies and the reactions of their bodies to emotions, movement, crying, screaming, breathing, paying attention to their heart, their uterus and their mind.

Feeling their emotions alongside them, understanding their stories and their origins, their longings, their destinies.

Listening to their minds, and seeing how their thoughts change their body, their dance and their life.

Listening to their hearts, and seeing how by removing their shells, their heart grows and expands, which is the greatest power I have ever seen in a woman; the power of her heart.

And what is this method I have created?

It combines the ancient movements of belly dance with active meditation, pelvic floor work, ovarian breathing, feminine alchemy, exercises and practices, self observation, awareness of movement and emotional state, and explanations of what is happening in your body at all levels.

Undoubtedly, a very intense, deep and revealing experience.

Are you ready?

With love, always…

Benefits of Therapeutic Belly Dancing for You

With therapeutic belly dance you will get not only the benefits that belly dance brings to your femininity, but also a series of extra benefits, which are deeper, for your soul. With therapeutic belly dance we will go further, we will get many more tools to work deeper on a personal level.

At the same time as we learn steps and dance, we work on physical, emotional and mental problems to improve our well-being:

Also, if you wish, you can dance with your baby. It can be a great time to enjoy with your baby while you get in shape, enjoy yourself and feel beautiful – it’s a great way to relax your baby and yourself!

Benefits for women and their femininity

Most of my students are women. Women in search of their femininity, their beauty and their sensuality. When they arrive, many tell me that they lack something or that they don’t like themselves. And after a while, they tell me that the best gift dance has given them is to feel like a woman again.

That part of you, the one that trusts and opens up to the world, the one that receives, holds and feels… is there waiting to release your sensuality and beauty, at any moment of your life. Dance connects you to your feminine side, inhabiting your Woman’s body. Let your dance become magnetic!

And so it has happened with so many women that I have met… they were transformed, and became authentic WOMEN, inside, and outside.

Nowadays, feeling like a woman is not as easy as it should be. It is easy to reject our female body in modern society. Dance has no limits, neither judges nor oppresses. Dance liberates you, gives you hope, life… and gives back to your female body the sense of beauty.

Just as important is the male part as the female part. Seek out femininity without forgetting our masculine part, which makes us move, do, act, and carry out everything we want. There are masculine movements and feminine movements, dance is for everyone, and the balance of these two energies enriches our dance.

We all have sensuality, we just have to connect with it through our body and our pelvic center. Dance leads us to meet that sometimes dormant energy. Waking it up will be a pleasant journey.

Dance improves our body blocked by past experiences, or by cultural or family repressions. Transforming the physical and emotional blockages related to sexuality frees us towards a healthy sexuality, without taboos and with balance. Let us feel the pleasure that movement brings!

We are used to and familiar with feeling our heart, but we completely forget our uterus, a place that retains all the ancestral female memories, not only ours, but also those of the women in our family.

The uterus, just like the heart, can have wounds and emotional scars, which if we don’t take good care of them can become infected and block our lives without us realizing it. If our creativity is blocked, we stop creating our life to follow the life of others.

The uterus is the quintessential center of creativity: creating a work or life project, creating a painting, a poem or a choreography… everything is creation.  And when we create, we feel fulfilled. When we create, our center is balanced and our life flows. The reconnection with our body, and especially with our pelvic center, can help us to lead our life where our soul desires.

You can work the muscles of the pelvic floor that by strengthening them will give you better conditions for pregnancy, childbirth and recovery. 

How many pregnant students have I had who have managed not to pee on themselves when sneezing! :) They tell me that after the delivery, they have been able to return to their sexual life much sooner than they thought, and that the pain and the feeling of weight on the pelvic floor is completely gone. It’s a great help!

The exercises and movements that come from belly dancing will help us greatly to become a Woman again, to reconnect with our femininity, with our inner woman and being, with our fertility, with our creativity, either to get pregnant with a child or a project.

Sometimes, the disconnection with our feminine side makes us reject all the external masculine, thus having difficulty finding a partner or relating to him in peace. Dance helps you to feel good about yourself, to love you as you are, to feel balanced and to be happy. The love you feel for yourself is the love you can share. The inner balance between the masculine and the feminine is also reflected with your partner.

Benefits for the soul

“No one can express your soul better than you. And what is dance, if not uniting your body with your soul?”. 

“What I propose in dance is to use emotions and feelings as a creative source”.

In the end, after many years as a dancer and dance teacher, I have seen that what we really seek in dance is to know how to express what our soul needs. In all my students I have been able to see a huge change at a physical level first, but all as a result of the major change, the emotional one. To be able to touch, feel, and above all to communicate with their own soul is what brings about this great change within them, which is then reflected in their physicality.

I’m sure that if you are reading this it is because you have experienced so many times when dancing that feeling of well being, of not caring what others think, of dancing for the pure pleasure it gives you.

You laugh, you enjoy, you feel better and it puts you in a good mood, you feel happier!

Dancing also gives you a feeling of satisfaction and self-improvement. The body loves to move freely and find its limits. We like challenges and that’s why it feels so good to learn, strive and improve.

Many of the students who come to my dance classes often begin the course with a low level of self-esteem. If this is also your case, you will see that through dance you will begin to feel more comfortable with yourself and you will notice that your confidence will grow.

The experience of learning to dance leads to positive feelings that increase your level of self-assurance. Your level of confidence increases when you learn a step or a movement and realize that you are able to learn new things and overcome obstacles.

All of these women, each with their own body and age, tell me that dance has made them smile again, and that every time they face the mirror they can look at themselves and see themselves beautiful as they are, without negative judgment, self-criticism or shame.

At the end of the course I see them dancing, and their now sparkling presence tells me that they love themselves and feel unique.

Dance improves your stage presence. With dance, your mind learns to get rid of barriers and fears. And so your dance becomes deeper. And your being becomes more present. And you connect better with your audience.

Stress can be understood as an excess of future in our present moment. Dance will help you to put your attention on the here and now and stay in the present moment with serenity.

I constantly see how in my classes my students forget about the worries of the day and leave the classroom much more relaxed and with a smile on their face.

Connecting dancing with the here and now will also help you to successfully overcome negative thoughts that are enemies of your self-esteem.

The students tell me that during the time they have been dancing they have been able to connect with their heart, express freely what they are and feel that they have been themselves, and that when they return home, they carry themselves in their heart, satisfied to know who they are.

Because dance requires you to have your feet on the ground and your eyes focused on you and your surroundings at the same time. By practicing any kind of dance you invest all that time and attention in yourself.

By dancing you give your mind and body a space where you can relax and let go of the worries and tensions of everyday responsibilities. This physical and mental relaxation that you experience while dancing, makes your emotional being flow without blockages and your soul to express itself clearly. 

I can see every day that my students have managed through dance to see themselves in a more loving way, to pamper, care for and love themselves as they are. Each one of us has a different body and a different age… dance is for all these bodies, chubbier, thinner, taller, shorter, more wrinkled, less wrinkled, with the marks of life… Dance opens you up to the acceptance of yourself. Dance inhabits you, and with it, you dance your life inhabiting your beloved body.

Contact, movement, finding your place, balance, reaction, bodies… Self-tolerance and self-respect. Dance is a discipline that brings you closer to these experiences constantly. Relating well with others is the result of the good relationship you have with yourself.

Benefits for the body

Did you know that dance is very beneficial for your body? It is one of the most comprehensive activities that provides you with the necessary exercise for your well-being and can be practiced at any age.

Dance brings you health:

  • improves your body posture.
  • improves your back health.
  • gives you the necessary exercise for your heart health.
  • increases your muscle strength and endurance.
  • gives you the necessary exercise to balance your weight and tone your muscles.
  • improves your elasticity and flexibility.
  • improves your coordination.
  • makes you know every corner of your body.
  • improves the health of your digestive system.
  • increases bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  • increases your energy.

Therapeutic Belly Dance classes

At Dancer’s Ways online dance school you will find Therapeutic Belly Dance classes for all levels.
These are the courses where you can learn Therapeutic Belly Dance. Each course consists of several classes.

Select the course you want to take a look inside:
-course content, sample classes, etc.-

More Therapeutic Belly Dance courses coming soon

(Therapeutic Belly Dance: For all levels 2 /// Therapeutic Belly Dance: For all levels 3)

cara de la bailarina Alhazar antes de empezar las clases de baile para mejorar tu calidad de vida a través de la danza y el trabajo con tus emociones

Start all these courses now

If you like these Therapeutic Belly Dance courses, you will be able to do them at your own pace.
You will also have access to all the other courses of the school (different types of dance along with personal growth techniques).
tres fotos de clases de danza del vientre terapéutica para todos los niveles, con la bailarina Alhazar llevando un vestido blanco y negro, en el bosque

Therapeutic Belly Dance: For all levels 1

Theory, exercises, practices and meditations.

This Therapeutic Belly Dance course is for all levels. It doesn’t matter if you are an advanced or beginner belly dancer. The work you will do here will be a treasure for you regardless.

This course begins with an introduction to Therapeutic Belly Dance so you can see the differences with traditional belly dance and all the benefits you can get. Plus, you will learn the theory you’ll need to understand the basics of this course. Next is a class on the theory and practice of the magic muscles, where we will see the technique of the contractions of the vagina and belly and practice with them. Then we review some basic belly dance steps that are necessary to follow this Therapeutic Belly Dance course. This is followed by exercises and practice to strengthen the pelvic floor and then finishing with active meditations.

This is a very intense course on an emotional level.

The course includes

Course classes


1. Difference between Therapeutic Belly Dance and Belly Dance. Benefits of Therapeutic Belly Dance. (Watch for free)

2. Areas of our body that we can unblock with Therapeutic Belly Dance.

3. Uterus-heart connection.


4. Magic muscles theory.

5. Technique and practice of the magic muscles. The vagina.

6. Technique and practice of the magic muscles. The belly.

7. Relaxation with the magic muscles.


8. Pelvis.

9. Omy.

10. Reverse camel.

11. Breast circle.


12. Vaginal and belly contractions with pelvis, Omy and reverse camel practice.


13. Omy.

14. Reverse camel.

15. Pelvis.

16. Up and down chest. Breast circle.

17. Combining several steps.

Full class example

INTRODUCTION TO THERAPEUTIC BELLY DANCE. THEORY: Difference between Therapeutic Belly Dance and Belly Dance. Benefits of Therapeutic Belly Dance.

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Start this course now

If you like this Therapeutic Belly Dance course, you will be able to do it at your own pace. You will also have access to all the other courses of the school (different types of dance along with personal growth techniques).

More Therapeutic Belly Dance courses coming soon:

(Therapeutic Belly Dance: For all levels 2 /// Therapeutic Belly Dance: For all levels 3)

Do you want a gift?

Do you want a gift?

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